Dev Kit

Dev Kit

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Product of Corerain

This Dev Kit is for the use of 

  1. University AI Computing Course

    We have launched a program which is dedicated to Universities' AI course use.

    Plus an AI Development Board, we have full set courseware including 16 Lectures and 12 Lab tests, together with our Compiler platform, Q&A Forum as complimentary.   

  2. AI Self-Study Fan

    We are positioning our Dev Kit as "Raspberry Pi in AI Domain", and would be greatly welcoming any interested fan to use.

    We have an open Forum community for all fans :  

  3. AI Start-Up Company

    Any AI startup company, which has initially establish a certain neural network algorithm, are welcomed to get in touch with us.

    Run your algorithm on our AI accelerator card so as to perfectly build the hardware and service.  


    Based on Custom AI Streaming Architecture(CAISA)

    Face Recognize use support 52FPS@1080P

    Interface: RJ45 Connection, JTAG

    Size: 50mm*60mm

    PC/Notebook Environment

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